Nash’s clients are typically individuals who have many other people relying on them to be at their best and they are looking for a fast and effective way to reset so they can stay on top of their responsibilities without losing themselves, destroying their health, relationships or their momentum. They are seeking greater meaning and fulfilment in what they do.

Nash offers 1:1 coaching and group training to high performers around the world drawing on many learned modalities that he has certified in such as Rapid Transformation Therapy, hypnosis, intervention coaching, belief clearing, Transformational Breathwork and the Demartini Method (just to name a few). When it comes to coaching, he doesn't believe one size fits all. Nash draws on the many cutting-edge modalities he is certified in to create customised coaching packages to support his clients with their unique goals and needs.

Training as an army combat medic at 17 years old, Nash saw firsthand the end results of the life choices people had made as he worked in hospitals. He heard the regrets and witnessed the pain people were in because they had lived a life that other people expected of them, rather than the life they truly desired. This experience was the catalyst that inspired him to support others in making the most of life.
Overcoming addiction and depression, having a home destroyed, being on the verge of bankruptcy, and navigating his 3-month-old baby having open-heart surgery are all personal experiences that only made him stronger and more determined to empower others to develop the beliefs, habits and skills to rise above stress and uncertainty and thrive through adversity.

Nash is the Head Coach for Joel Brown’s Influential Coach program, as well as the founder of The Thoughts On Purpose Podcast and The Life Reinvention Company.

Of all his accomplishments, Nash says his three children and his wife, Cassy, whom he has been with for 15 years, are what he is most proud of.

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